Seating Wall

A seating wall is a great way to increase your outdoor sitting space without adding additional patio area.   Seating walls are also called sitting walls or seat walls.  They are simply short walls  designed for comfortable seating.  Use your creativity to design a wall that complements your space.  

Important things to remember when planning your seating wall design:

  • Height: The average height of a sitting wall is 18” – 21″, but this can vary.
  • Width: To make a surface that’s safe and comfortable, the tops of seating walls are generally 12” wide, minimum.
  • Materials: Seating walls are constructed from a variety of block styles as seen in the photos above. Use caps that are a different color than the wall blocks to provide a nice design accent.

Call Rochester Landscaping’s team to help you increase the usable area of your patio, while adding a beautiful, yet necessary landscape element.