Natural Stone for Walkways and Steps

Natural stone products bring natural beauty and function to your landscape. Natural stone can be used for walls, steps, patios, walkways, ponds, and outcropping accents boulders.

Though concrete pavers are highly recommended for many home projects, they are not the only choice available. One choice is flagstone, made directly out of natural stone. This stone is shaped, cut, and formed into slabs of various shapes and sizes, which are then fit together like a mosaic to cover the specific area.  The color schemes of flagstone are more limited than concrete pavers, because they come from natural sources.  The sizes, shapes, and thicknesses of  flagstone also varies depending on the particular use of the stones.

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Natural Stone Project Ideas

Flagstone is very strong and durable, withstanding any freezing/thawing cycles or other weather, traffic, or abuse. They are very low maintenance and long-lasting.

How do you decide between flagstone or concrete pavers? Two factors override all others. The first is budget. If you have less money,  consider concrete pavers, as they can be installed at a lower price per square foot than the natural option. If money is no object, then flagstone may be right for you. The second factor is the look or ‘theme’ you want to convey with your project. Flagstone products generally look more ‘natural’ and ‘earthy’ than manufactured options. Flagstone may work well with a garden, landscape area, or other places that need a natural look. Concrete paving stones, on the other hand, communicate a modern feel that may work better for patios, walkways,  driveways, and other projects right near your home.